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Y Ddawns Aros Adre: 27 dawnswyr, 1 dawns
The Stay At Home Dance: 27 dancers, 1 dance

Created amongst the chaos of 2020’s lockdown, an invite for 27 dancers to stay connected through a dance at a distance. 


The invitation:

To be inspired and seek connection by rooms that where once just bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, stairways and gardens as they became our dancing spaces.


The Stay at Home Dance is a celebration of the creativity and resilience of just a handful of the dancers in Wales.



Inspired by Mitchell Rose’s, Exquisite Corps

Poetry: “As I Live it” by Samuel Oliver (@samueloliverpoetry)



(in order of appearance and with instagram | facebook | website links)

Jodi Ann Nicholson: @jodiannnicholson_dance_artist |


Becky Johnson: @_becky_johnson |


Krystal Dawn Campbell:


Charlotte Zoe Perkins: @charlottezp97 |


Jack Philp: @jackphilpdance |


Lucy Paige Jones: @lucyp4ige |


Mike Williams:@mwilliamsdance / @yogaflowwithmike |


Krystal Lowe: @krystalslowe


Gaia Cicolani: @gaia_cicolani |


Rachel Pedley: @rachjpedley


Zosia Jo: @zosiajo |


Sarah Rogers: @RansackDance |


Kim Noble: @kimblenoble

Isaac Griffiths: @Isaacgriffiths


Jemma Beatty: - Gundija Zandersona: @gundij_a


Lauren Heckles: @lauren.heckler


Thania Acaron: @thaniaacaron


Matteo Marfoglia:


Jamie Berry: @bboyflexton


Uma O’Niell:     -


Ann Louise Wall: @wallannlouise |


Deborah Light: @deborahlight |


Martha Dunbar: @marthadunbardance |


Sarah McHugh: @pukkabarry


Gwyn Emberton: @gwynembertondance


Emma Dickson: @neotericdancecompany |

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