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Artist Statement

mix raced female wearing a navy silk dress. dancing pose, bent over arms stretched horizontally

I’m a dance and visual artist based in South Wales.
I studied at TrinityLaban and Cardiff School of Art & Design.

My experiences as an adoptee have led to an art practice that


seeks to  u n t a n g l e  my internal








and my identity; seeking to find a universal language for displaced




“Where are you from?” is a poignant question,


challenged also by my mixed British/Afro-Caribbean cultural


My work manifests and  e x p l o r e s  these ideas through



narrative;   p         g    with movement and dance,

                 l      n

                  a   i

                  y           embroidery and textiles as modes in which I explore objects that


    unlock my memories,


                                                   and relationships.                

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