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The Shoemaker

 Welsh National Opera in partnership with Oasis Cardiff.                              October 2022

The Shoemaker is a powerful story about resilience, endurance, power, and compassion with timeless relevance. An exhilarating fusion of Latin American, Persian, and Western classical musical influences 

Produced: Welsh National Opera in partnership with Oasis Cardiff and Fio

Conductor, Orchestration, Music Supervisor: Max Ireland 

Director: Sita Thomas

Designer: Jasmine Araujo

Lighting Designer: Chuma Emembolu

Composer: Boff Whalley, Arash Javadi, Masiha Imantalab, Rolando Bertrand, Diaco Geravandi, Tony Córdoba 

Librettist: Tony Córdoba, Tarirai Angel Chenyika, Mana Javadi, Sarah Woods  

Choreographer: Jodi Ann Nicholson

Dancers: Liam Wallace, Shakeera Ahmun and Jodi Ann Nicholson

"Director Sita Thomas has turned the Weston Studio into a charged space: I was made to feel very welcome and I know work like this will get new, multicultural audiences in." - Buzz Magazine



Read the full article here.


"What really enhances this scene is the dancers portraying the flames devouring her work. Also flashed up on a large screen behind the action are scenes from Iran to give a contemporary flavour to this ensemble piece about freedom, equality and justice" - The Morning Star 


Read the full article here.  

Audience Feedback

Amazing spectacle of movement and song. Deceptively complex art performance with such a simple name. Interesting stage dimension and set design. Dancers are as fluid as the water and flames they represent.
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