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May 2016

Denim Shirt, Digital Stitch, Hand Embroidery, Satin Rose Petals

Shirt is an autobiographical piece inspired by Gill Scott-Heron’s spoken-word piece: Pieces of a Man.


Drawn to the idea of memories acting as patches for our lives that we piece together and hold onto to form our individual identities.

Using my past experiences I have looked at how identity is formed through our relationships, memories and experiences.

Seeing clothing as a second skin to our identities the shirt becomes the body in which embedded are the patches and stitching’s of memories and life’s experiences holding it together. 

Event: Basic Human Needs

Venue: Boncath, Pembrokshire


SHIRT exhibited at Vegetable Adgenda in response to Max Manfreeds theory of Basic Human Needs. Featuring 12 artists in a straw built building in Boncath, Pembrokeshire.

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denim shirt on the back of a translucent purple chair, white walled background
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