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Dear, Love From...


About The Project

Dear, Love From... is a multifaceted R&D project looking at amplifying the unheard stories of adoptee experiences and building community.


Beginning with the development of a dance/immersive theatre/spoken word performance about the experiences of adults who, like myself, have been adopted. Drawing from a collection of personal object, their stories and stories from the wider adoptee community, this project focuses on relationships with birth mothers, and how being adopted shapes our world: our sense of self, and feelings of belonging and connection.


Alongside the creation of this work I want to begin to address the need adult adoptees have for a creative space in which they can share their experiences and find community. Working with Adoption agencies and other Adoptee lead groups this project will explore ways in bridging the gap of support for adult adoptees. 

Below is a clip of the piece at CULTIVATE; a scratch night formed by Justin Teddy-Cliffe hosted at The Riverfront. 

If you are interested in supporting or getting involved in this project....

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