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November 2016

Rope, Hand Embroidery, Ink, Lamp, Wooden Furniture 

Created through a residency with 12 artists, over 2weeks making work in response to a Victorian house in Cardiff. Looking at ideas of identity, memory and trace.

Ho[me].Ho[use] responded to the architecture of the house and the traces left behind. Peeling back the layers and traces within the house, memories where pieced together within the abstracted image of a 'web' stretching across the room.


Through this act ​Ho[me].Ho[use] plays with the body in space and asks the questions:


What is the meaning of house?


What is the meaning of home?

Is a house simply architecture for a home?

What happens if we only have a house and not a home?

Does a home always have to be a house...



Event: house M.A.D.E residency (with Cardiff M.A.D.E)

Venue: Trade St. Cardiff 

A process of uncovering and restoring history. A seeking to understand who may have came before. 

close up of foot print in white fluff on terracotta tiled floor
mixed race female crouched over sewing machine, wearing dark clothing
old map of temperance town in Cardiff, colours white, pink and blue
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